SunBurst 50

Wrestling mats, exercise mats, gymnasium floors and any other floor surface prone to pathogen contaminations are quickly and easily sanitized with the SunBurst 50.

High Intensity UVC

Eliminate hazardous chemical sprays, fogs, and wipes. Our UVC SunBurst system sanitizes large areas in seconds, not minutes. Simply push it over floor areas to rapidly kill bacteria, deactivate viruses, and prevent the spread of infections. Chemicals require two, three, even ten minutes of wet contact time to destroy viruses and bacteria. SunBurst gets the job done in a fraction of the time. Focused UVC light safely deactivates COVID-19 and other viruses, rapidly–without the need to use harmful chemicals. UVC light leaves no sticky residue, and no way for the skin to absorb, or lungs to inhale, chemical disinfectants. Our extra-large UVC deck contains four, high output 254nm lamps. These lamps immediately zap pathogens DEAD!


What lurks on your playing surfaces?