All About RejUVenateTM

Works with our UVC systems or
easily add to your existing HVAC UVC installation.

HiTech UVC, Inc. has proudly launched its patent pending RejUVenateTM UVC Energy Level Monitoring and Automated Control System. Ideal for HVAC contractors who install UVC lamp systems. RejUVenate easily retrofits your past HVAC UVC installations or new ones. RejUVenate automatically boosts UVC energy when it falls below the level needed to effectively disinfect air. This boost greatly extends the UVC lamp useful lifetimes, extends lamp maintenance cycles by years and assures that your building’s air is continuously being sanitized.

If the UVC level falls below the desired energy level for any reason, RejUVenate will send an alert email stating that it needs to be serviced. Prior to RejUVenate’s introduction, UVC lamp monitoring, if installed, was limited to simply saying there is power or no power being used. It gave no control over nor information about the lamp’s power being too low to effectively destroy viruses and bacteria.

The RejUVenate Control Panel will allow senior management of multiple facilities to remotely monitor the status of any and all RejUVenate systems enterprise wide. Thus assuring that the local facility managers are properly maintaining their UVC system and that the company’s staff, visitors’ and clients’ health are being protected, and that they are all comfortable with entering your place of business.

Download Booklet

Photo shows a pre-wired kit used for HVAC air handler installations.
Shown without optional relay connecting wire.

Customer wired version kit uses standard Cat 5/6 Cables
for remote UVC sensor and relay connections.

Quick, easy connections use standard RJ45 connectors.
Use standard cables for dry locations.
Optional watertight cables are available.

Take Control Of Your UVC