Do The Math!

One PureShield 400 can exchange up to 27,000 cubic feet of air in 60 minutes; smaller areas in less time.

Compare that to our so-called competition that require multiple systems at multiple the price!

Protection doesn’t have to come with a big price


Solidly Simple

Why settle for less and pay more? The PureShield 400 UVC irradiation chamber is larger than most of our competitions’ entire product.

Purchase everything except the ductwork and purchase whatever your installation requires at a local home improvement or HVAC retailer. We can provide install suggestions, if needed.

6″ or 8″ Duct Fan with
Metal Noise Absorbing Case

Patent Pending

Warning: this product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Add Needle Point Bipolar Ions for added protection to air and surfaces.

Ultra Silent Turbo Fan

Made with a German motor and featuring a 5-year warranty, these high performance fans feature superior steel construction. Two speed selectable with permanently lubricated ball bearings are rated at up to 40,000 hour lifetime.

  • Hang with wire or cables or surface mount.
  • Durable metal noise absorbing case
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Built-in 2-speed switch & power cord
  • Rotary and removable central body for easy installation & maintenance
  • Vibration free operation

Flexibility – Scalability

PureShield 400

Unique Features

Other Room Air Systems

Increase UVC irradiation energy  Yes – Add more UVC lamps, and/or add larger UVC chamber. No – Irradiation chamber has a fixed number of UVC lamps.
Add multiple inlets and outlets Yes – The inlet and outlet air vents can be split. No – System is sealed.
Increase UVC exposure duration Yes – Use lower speed fans, and/or increase UVC chamber size. No – System is sealed.
Increase room air exchange efficiency Yes – Use the High fan speed setting. Add ducts. Increase UVC chamber if needed. No – System is sealed.
Increase inlet and outlet spacing for optimum air circulation Yes – Standard separation up to 16ft. Use longer ducts for more separation. No – System is sealed with inlet and outlet separation of 2 to 4 feet.
Option for Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Yes – Add Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization to your system to further treat the air and rooms.  NoNot that we have found.
Add optional RejUVenateā„¢ system Yes – Available Soon. Increase UVC lamp estimated maintenance from 1.7 years to 5.1 years, based upon 15,000 hour life lamp. NoHiTech UVC has a patent pending.

Frequently Asked Questions