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The T-Rex of
Pathogen Fighters

Patent Pending
Available January 2021
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What makes C-REX so powerful?

Positioned Above Obstacles | Disinfects Air & Surfaces

  • No human oversight needed. Use our phone app to set the UVC-BPI chamber height and save it. Use the same app to turn on continuously or for a set duration.

  • Quiet turbo fans move over obstacles to stream BiPolar Ions into large areas and treat air with UVC.
  • Ideal for areas with lots of people. Unlike 254nm UVC robotic lamps the ions are safe for humans.
  • Already have UVC or BiPolar Ion HVAC? Large groups of people create a large bioburden – More Aerosolized Pathogens. Add C-REX for a disinfection boost!

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Warning: this product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Ideal Locations for King “C”

Conference Centers

Hundreds of people packed into rooms with close seating is an environment ripe for the spread of infectious pathogens. Why wait for breaks between sessions to do a quick, incomplete wipe down? Upper air disinfection and ionic treatment surfaces can be done while the sessions are in progress. Conferences that inform attendees about disinfection protocols during the registration period will likely have more attendees.

Big Box Retail & Grocery

Big box retail and grocery chains will find C-REX’s daytime, upper room air treatment and surface disinfection to be a time saver, money saver and life saver.

Customers will feel safer seeing that they have continuous pathogen deactivation in action to help protect their health, and will prefer shopping where management cares about their health safety.

Transportation Terminals

Train stations, subway stations, airports and other transportation hubs have a continually moving mass of travelers. Where have they been? What have they been exposed to? How will you help keep non-infected travelers safe and, most importantly, reduce the risk of them spreading illnesses?

Multiple C-REXs can hover above the lines of people waiting at security, baggage claim, check-in and gate areas treating airborne pathogens and surfaces below.


Heavy breathing and handling equipment are part of every gymnasium’s infection process. Numerous wall or floor UVC units would be needed to cover the same area serviced by a single C-REX. Continual wiping of equipment is important for infection control, but what about the air? And what about the surfaces that wiping misses? C-REX processes air and deposits pathogen destroying Ions on equipment to treat areas that may have been missed by manual disinfection.

Manufacturing & Food Processing

Manufacturing floors are areas of constant movement of people, equipment and product. Many areas of the work floor are not accessible to floor based UVC systems. Once again, C-REX can be strategically placed above the complex array of objects below.

Large Foyer Entrances

As described in the preceding locations, hospitality, hospitals, commercial buildings, casinos and other buildings with large foyers and high ceilings would all benefit from the upper air and surface disinfecting power of C-REX

Stadium Style Seating

University classrooms, theaters, auditoriums and similar facilities with stadium seating are perfect setting for C-REX’s aerial assault against infectious pathogens. How will a floor robot get up the steps or into the aisles to do the UVC treatment? It can’t! Only from above, can the seating, stage and surrounding floors be effectively treated.

During a class or shows, C-REX could be activated and the entire area continuously treated. Unless you have a team of people manually wiping down every seat, after every event every day, you aren’t going to help protect the next group of people entering.

Floor Based Robots Are Budget Busters!

Have a Large Area to Treat?
Spend Less – Treat More

Frequently Asked Questions

When will C-REX be available?2020-11-16T08:42:18-05:00

Current plan is for early in Q1-2021. For a more current timeframe, please contact us.

What size flexible ducts are standard, and other sizes be ordered?2020-11-16T08:41:05-05:00

Standard are 6 inch diameter x 8 foot length each. They can be trimmed down to smaller lengths by us or by you, just let us know what you need. 25 foot lengths are available as an added charge. For longer lengths, please contact us.

How can I get the ventilation ducts from one room to another?2020-11-14T14:26:17-05:00

First, each room must have overhead access to the other rooms to be treated. See our FAQ related to ceiling types for additional info. Second, if the other rooms are separated by a firewall, then you will need to consult with your local government to determine if, or how, you may connect via venting. If there are no physical, legal or safety impediments, you simply “T” or “Y” in additional flexible air ducts and run them from the main UVC chamber to each room.  Each room will need an intake and an exhaust duct/vent. There is a limit to how much you can split your ducts and which diameter ducts and fans to use. We may be able to provide guidance or you can consult with a licensed HVAC technician in your area.

What type of ceiling is needed for MAD-REX installation?2020-11-14T14:26:04-05:00

You need access to the area of the room that houses your current HVAC and electrical wiring. Approximately 14 inches of height clearance is needed for the UVC chamber to fit. If you do not have adequate clearance, please let us know.  We may be able to offer a lower profile UVC chamber depending upon the amount of room volume you need to sanitize.

We have a large number of rooms. Could we purchase standard HVAC ducts and install your components ourselves?2020-11-14T14:27:43-05:00

Yes, that is possible for many of the parts. Our staff can provide guidelines for sizing your systems. You would need to use the same duct types and sizes that support our components. We can provide that info. We can provide fans, power supplies, UVC components, our proprietary mounting parts.

Does your system create ozone?2020-10-26T18:28:37-04:00

No. We use UVC lamps with treated quartz tubes to reduce ozone production to levels that are not measurable.

How can you treat multiple rooms when other room based UVC ventilation systems can’t?2020-11-14T14:28:38-05:00

Our system is not a simple one-piece product with all components in an enclosure. We use a modular system just like your current HVAC system. While we cannot treat an entire building like your HVAC system, we can increase the UVC chamber size and UVC power, add intake and exhaust ducts to service adjoining rooms, and increase fan flow rate from the standard flow.

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