Already Have A Sanitizing System?

UVC or Needlepoint BiPolar Ion (NPBI) systems installed at the central HVAC are designed to treat typical occupancy levels. Some areas, such as gymnasiums, convention centers, transportation terminals, auditoriums and large meeting areas need a pathogen fighting boost when heavily occupied.

Centralized HVAC UVC

UVC lamps installed at the central HVAC system or in the duct work will only destroy pathogens as the air passes over the UVC lamps. Any pathogens that are expelled into the air by large groups of people will require the air to travel completely through the ventilation system to be disinfected.

With one or more Bioniq 800 units installed above the large group, the air is being treated with UVC locally in the room. In addition, with BiPolar Ion generators installed, PureShield 800 will also push billions or trillions of positive and negative ions into the air for reduction of pathogens, destruction of VOC and more.

Centralized BiPolar Ion

Some BiPolar Ion equipment manufacturers target 5,000-10,000 ions/cc for rooms. Particle emissions alone from a person sitting quietly are estimated at 212 particles/cc (p/cc) per minute. Just standing or sitting they will increase to 5,300 p/cc per minute, and active motion, such as fans at a game, increase levels by 63,500p/cc per minute; again – from a single person. (Calculated from slide 25 & assuming values are per second.)

One Bioniq 800 can boost ion levels by producing up to 800,000,000 ions/cm2/second, and sanitize air immediately upon contact with UVC.

Even Post Pandemic, Large Gatherings Will Need Protection