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Bioniq 8002021-07-04T12:40:48-04:00

Bioniq 800

The Ultimate Solution for
Large Area Air Sanitizing

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

Why is Bioniq 800 so powerful?

Ceiling or Wall Mounted | Cleans Air & Surfaces
With Intense UVC & up to 800,000,000 Ions/cc/second rating.

  • Ideal for areas with lots of people. Unlike 254nm UVC robotic lamps, Bioniq 800 has enclosed UVC lamps and the Needlepoint Bipolar Ions, which are naturally found in nature, are safe for humans.

  • For ceiling mounted systems, optional architectural panels may be attached to the bottom of Bioniq 800.

  • Whether ceiling or wall mounted, quiet turbo fans draw air over the UVC lamps and stream Needlepoint BiPolar Ions from Auto-Cleaning Ion Terminals.
  • Already have UVC or Needlepoint BiPolar Ion HVAC? Large groups of people create a large bioburden, i.e. more aerosolized pathogens. Add PureShield 800 for a sanitizing boost!

Warning: this product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.


10 Year Fan Warranty

Made in Canada with German components, these high performance blowers feature superior steel construction with a hammertone powder coat finish. Speed controllable and balanced motors with permanently lubricated ball bearings ensure vibration-free operation. Rarely, if ever, seen in the ventilation industry, they feature a 10 year warranty.

Includes Dual GPS
Auto-Cleaning NPBI Systems

Architectural Panel Enhancements

Just a few examples of panels and colors available to attach to the bottom of VIONIX 800 for concealment or to enhance your entire room.

Ideal Locations for Bioniq 800

Conference Centers

Hundreds of people packed into rooms with close seating is an environment ripe for the spread of infectious pathogens. Why wait for breaks between sessions to do a quick, incomplete wipe down? Upper air disinfection and ionic treatment can be done while the sessions are in progress. Conferences that inform attendees about enhanced sanitizing protocols during the registration period will likely have more attendees.

Big Box Retail & Grocery

Big box retail and grocery chains will find Bioniq 800’s daytime, upper room air treatment and surface treatment to be a time saver, money saver and life saver.

Customers will feel safer seeing that they have continuous pathogen deactivation in action to help protect their health, and will prefer shopping where management cares about their health safety.

Transportation Terminals

Train stations, subway stations, airports and other transportation hubs have a continually moving mass of travelers. Where have they been? What have they been exposed to? How will you help keep non-infected travelers safe and, most importantly, reduce the risk of them spreading illnesses?

Multiple Bioniq 800s can hover above the lines of people waiting at security, baggage claim, check-in and gate areas treating airborne pathogens and surfaces below.


Heavy breathing and handling equipment are part of every gymnasium’s infection process. Numerous wall or floor UVC units would be needed to cover the same area serviced by a single Bioniq 800. Continual wiping of equipment is important for infection control, but what about the air? And what about the surfaces that wiping misses? Bioniq 800 processes air and deposits pathogen destroying Ions on equipment to treat areas that may have been missed by manual disinfection.

Manufacturing & Food Processing

Manufacturing floors are areas of constant movement of people, equipment and product. Many areas of the work floor are not accessible to floor based UVC systems. Once again, Bioniq 800 can be strategically placed above the complex array of objects below.

Large Foyer Entrances

As described in the preceding locations, hospitality, hospitals, commercial buildings, casinos and other buildings with large foyers and high ceilings would all benefit from the upper air and surface pathogen fighting power of Bioniq 800.

Other Air Sanitizing

Systems Are Underpowered!

Have a Large Area to Treat?
Spend Less – Treat More

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you often refer to deactivation of viruses and destruction or killing of bacteria?2021-05-28T10:16:26-04:00

Bacteria are living celled organisms.  You can destroy/kill things that are living. Viruses are not alive.  In simple terms, they are genetic RNA or DNA with a protein outer layer. While bacteria can reproduce more bacteria, viruses typically need to be in a living host cell where it can use resources in that cell to replicate its genetic makeup.

Why should I have both UVC and Needlepoint Bipolar Ions?2021-01-09T03:18:20-05:00

You can never have too much protection when it comes to your health and safety.  UVC energy deactivates viruses and destroys bacteria as the air passes over the lamps. But what about air that hasn’t made it into the UVC chamber yet? The positive and negative charged ions floating in the room air and landing on surfaces also destroys and deactivates them. Think of it as a pretreatment to reduce pathogen levels while the air hasn’t yet reached the UVC chamber.

Does your system create ozone?2021-01-09T03:19:27-05:00

No. We use UVC lamps with treated quartz tubes to reduce ozone production to levels that are not measurable.

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