Bioniq 800
Bioniq 180

Most Versatile Mobile Air Sanitizer Available

Perfect for Classrooms, Offices & More

UVoT is the Internet of Things (IoT) wireless, cloud based platform that powers our Bioniq devices. The patent pending platform will be the launching pad for more exciting UVC monitoring and control solutions.

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Mobile UVC

Bioniq 180

Classrooms, Gyms, Hospitals, Assisted Living Centers, Medical, Dental and Other Offices and More.

Use by itself or as a supplement to an existing HVAC sanitizing system.

Multi-Inlet & Outlet

Bioniq 400

One System That Can Do More, Do It Better And For Less Money Than other UVC Ceiling, Wall & Floor Air Systems.

Customizable UVC intensity. Add “Y”s to the ducts for multi-rooms. Save $Thousands$

Bioniq 180

Choose: UVC, HEPA, ULPA, Activated Carbon

Designed to fight bacteria, viruses, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in small or large rooms.

  • Various combinations of UVC lamps, HEPA, ULPA, MERV-13 and Carbon filters are available.

  • Dual High Output UVC lamps for superior sanitizing of the air. Available ULPA (MERV 20) filter for 99.9995% removal of particles down to 0.12 microns.
  • Variable speed fan for optimal disinfection of smaller or larger room areas.

  • German motor turbo fan with 10-year warranty quietly draws room air into the system, sanitizes and efficiently returns air.

  • UVoTTM IS INCLUDED! UVC Energy Monitoring and Boosting System. No guessing if the lamp is producing adequate UVC energy levels. 4-YEAR GUARANTEE – No Replacement of UVC Lamps!

Designed For Highest Pathogen Destruction Available

Illuminated Emblem When Active

Removable air outlet allows for ductwork to be added.

Easily place one or more outlets around a room.

Bioniq 400

Single or Multiroom
Air Sanitizing

  • Bioniq 400 – One System Treats One Large or Multiple Small Rooms.
  • Buy One Bioniq 400 System or Buy Multiple Competitors’ Floor, Ceiling or Wall Mounted UVC Room Units. It’s an easy choice.

  • UVoTTM – Patent Pending UVC Energy Monitoring and Control System. No Guessing if the Lamp is Working. When the Lamps Weaken the System Automatically Increases the UVC Energy. No Lamp Replacement for 4-Years – GUARANTEED!

Duct Work is not included. Get basic ducts from your local home improvement store and DIY installations are easy.

Typical single room system with two 8′ ducts is shown.
Add “Y”s to the ducts to service additional rooms.

What do I need to know about UVC?

Each is a powerful fighter of bacteria and viruses. Direct exposure to UVC, at the proper dosing level, destroys pathogens almost instantly. UVC is the most widely used and the most powerful sanitizing weapon available.

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