UVC Plus BiPolar Ionization

Ceiling Mounted up to 50ft
Wireless Setup Lowers C-REX to Disinfection Height

Ideal when Large Groups Of People are Present
and Disinfecting BOTH Surfaces and Room Air

Patent Pending


Multiroom Air Disinfection (MAD)

Ceiling Troffer | Wall | Floor
Air Disinfection Systems Are Obsolete

Patent Pending

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What is REX?

REX is branding for our line of UVC and BiPolar Ionization (BPI) disinfection products. Why REX? Simple. It means “King” and has historical use with people and things of great power. Nothing beats the King!

Large Areas


Convention & Conference Centers, Transportation Hubs, Big Box Retail, Grocery, Classrooms, Auditoriums, Theaters, Gyms, Places of Worship & More.

Use by itself or as a supplement to an existing HVAC disinfection system.  Ceiling UVC works faster than UVC at the HVAC main unit, which is important as more people are present.

Small-Medium Areas


One System That Can Do More, Do It Better And For Less Money Than Traditional UVC Ceiling, Wall & Floor Air Circulation Products.

Customizable UVC intensity to destroy viruses and bacteria and a HEPA filter for capturing particulates as small as 0.3 microns. Select a MAD-REX system tailored to your environment. Add “Y”s to the ducts for multi-rooms. Save $Thousands$


Tall Ceiling Mounted

Designed to disinfect bacteria, viruses, mold, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and more.

  • Designed for ceilings up to 50 feet high. Need higher? Just let us know.

  • Dual turbo fans quietly draw room air into the system where UVC destroys pathogens and BiPolar Ions are emitted into the room.

  • Large areas containing numerous people benefit from C-REX’s overhead mounting and ability to lower the UVC/BPI chamber down to any height.

  • Significantly lower cost than floor robotic system and provides treatment 24×7 treatment even when people are present.

  • While already quiet, dramatically designed architectural sound absorbing structures are available that also hide the C-REX from sight.


Multiroom Air Disinfection

  • MAD-REX – One System Treats One or Multiple Rooms.

  • Buy One MAD-REX System or Buy Multiple Floor, Ceiling or Wall Mounted UVC Room Units. It’s an easy choice.
  • RejUVenateTM – Optional UVC Energy Monitoring and Boosting System. No Guessing if the Lamp is Working. When Lamp Weakens the System Automatically Boosts the UVC Energy and Reduces Maintenance Needs.

Available With or Without Duct Work.

Typical single room system with two 8′ ducts is shown.
Add “Y”s to ducts to service additional rooms.

What do I need to know about UVC and BiPolar Ions?

Each is a powerful disinfectant for bacteria and viruses. Direct exposure to UVC, at the proper dosing level, destroys pathogens almost instantly. BiPolar Ions destroy pathogens, mold, odors and more as they come into contact with them in the air or on surfaces. Together, they are the most powerful disinfection weapon available.

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